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Teen Pedestrian Killed: Arrest Finally Made

Teen Pedestrian Killed: Arrest Finally Made

On March 17th, two young girls were walking south on Spring Garden Avenue when both were struck by a car that immediately fled the scene.

The two girls, both 14-years-old and one of which was killed in the accident, might actually be found to be at least partially responsible for the fact that they were hit. According to Florida law, pedestrians are required to walk on the side of oncoming traffic. Add to that the lighting and the fact that both girls were wearing dark colored clothing and that just may be enough to keep the Volusia woman from being convicted of vehicular homicide.

Danielle Halverson was arrested near DeLand by Florida Highway Patrol, according to Sgt. Kim Montes. She is charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death and leaving the scen causing personal injury. Juliana Hobbs, was killed that night and her friend, Rachel Russell sustained injuries.

Halverson is known to be suicidal, having made multiple attempts to take her life. She admits to being the driver and says, "I kind of feel stupid for saying this, but a cell phone was a little bit a part of it, trying to reach for it. I was the sole driver of the car; yes, I'll admit to that," she told state troopers.

DNA evidence links Halverson to the scene of the accident, with both Hobbs and Russell's DNA on a portion of the front bumper and windshield of Halverson's car. However, at this point there is not enough evidence to show that she was "solely responsible for the crash" and therefore has not yet been charged with homicide. If you have been injured as a pedestrian, contact our Daytona Beach pedestrian injury lawyers immediately.