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City of Daytona Beach Chooses Settlement Over Court
City of Daytona Beach Chooses Settlement Over Court

In November of 2006, Matthew Olsen was brutally beaten in his own home and it wasn't a robber who did it. It was police officers - five of them to be exact. Olsen was asleep in his home when officers charged in and beat him severely. On the night in question, police officers ...

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  • Whiplash Commonly Undetected

    Whiplash, though it is pretty much what is happening in your neck when it occurs, is known medically as "cervical acceleration-deceleration". It ...

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  • Arrest Made in Connection with Motorcycle Death

    Christopher Carter, 23, of Rockledge was killed this week by a man running from the police. Carter was hit from behind by the car that had been ...

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