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Child Custody in Florida

Child custody is one of the most critical issues to resolve in a divorce or relationship breakup. Marriage dissolution requires resolving child custody. In the state of Florida, a parenting plan must be filed with the court that outlines the time each parent spends with the child or children. Both parents are typically involved in negotiating these arrangements, unless there is a compelling reason that one parent must be excluded, due to issues affecting the health or safety of a child. An experienced Florida family law attorney can help you with all child custody matters, including parenting plans or representing you in a child custody dispute.

Factors Considered in Parenting Agreements

In Florida, child custody matters will reflect the “best interest” law which covers visitation rights and issues that require resolution.

The factors weighed under the “best interest” law establishing the ideal placement for minors and subsequent child support payments to handle their care.

  • Each child’s age
  • The parent and child relationships with each parent prior to the separation or divorce
  • How to keep the children’s routines in such a way that is least disruptive to their lives
  • Whether or not a parent or both parents plan to relocate after the divorce is finalized
  • Each parents’ ability and willingness to support the child’s emotional and mental well-being, maintaining their nutritional needs and physical health, and keeping them involved in school related or extra-curricular activities
  • Parents’ financial situation
  • Parents’ own physical and mental health status
  • Parental involvement and flexibility
  • Any evidence of violence within the home

The shared time schedule can be worked out amicably between the two parents and presented to the court. If an arrangement cannot be agreed upon, the court will decide the details of the time-sharing schedule that each parent must follow.

Parental Responsibility

The responsibilities of parenting do not change when a couple gets divorced. Decisions still must be made for minors, including all issues related to medical care, education, religious instruction, and extracurricular activities. If the parents disagree, the parental agreement imposed by the court is enforceable, and both parents are required to adhere to the court’s decision.

There are three different forms of parental responsibility under Florida law. They are:

  • Shared Parental Responsibility. This is where both parents must communicate with each other and mutually agree on decisions regarding their child.
  • Shared Responsibility and Ultimate Decision-Making Authority. Both parents make decisions by conferring with one another, but should they disagree, one parent is granted the authority to make the final call.
  • Sole Parental Responsibility. The least common agreement of parental responsibilities, where one parent is granted sole decision-making authority. This only happens when shared responsibility will negatively impact the children’s safety or welfare.

The most important thing to remember is the children’s best interests. Even when the adults disagree, it is vital that the kids’ lives remain as undisrupted and normal as possible. Everyone working together to keep the children’s lives to a regular routine is ideal. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In cases of child custody disputes, retain a Florida child custody attorney who has handled many child custody cases and who will pursue your wishes regarding child custody matters.

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