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Understanding Neck Trauma


The neck proves to be a particularly vexing as far as injuries go. Compressed into a single conduit which connects to vital organs, the neck can cause a host of problems therefore making neck trauma a potentially dangerous accident.

Any time a neck injury occurs it is important to see help immediately as damage to one part of your neck most likely will lead to damage to others. A simple case of whiplash could lead to long term suffering because of the way the bones in your neck are connected. These bones, joints, soft tissue and nerves work simultaneously so that your neck is capable of supporting your skull as well as allowing your head to move.

Aside from the aforementioned issues, there's also the link with you muscles that can cause additional aches and pains. That means your muscles, tendons and/or ligaments can be affected from damage that caused the soft tissue injuries. It really is a case of the “ankle bone is connected to the leg bone.”

Neck damage can occur in many ways, whether it be a sudden movement as in a vehicular accident or it can occur by a direct blow to the head such as a fall. Symptoms may include but are not limited to stiffness/achiness in neck muscles, pain that radiates through the shoulder and head region, severe pain, limited or inability to move extremities, muscle spasms, and dizziness or headaches.

However the injury may have happened, it is important to seek a professional opinion and/or treatment.