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City of Daytona Beach Chooses Settlement Over Court

City of Daytona Beach Chooses Settlement Over Court

In November of 2006, Matthew Olsen was brutally beaten in his own home and it wasn't a robber who did it. It was police officers - five of them to be exact.

Olsen was asleep in his home when officers charged in and beat him severely. On the night in question, police officers entered Olsen's home without a warrant and used excessive force to arrest him. The officers beat Olsen so brutally, he ended up needing back surgery and lost the hearing in one ear.

According to records, Olsen had been suspected in a domestic violence case. A woman had accused him of pushing her out of his truck while it was moving. Police went to Olsen's house, pounding on his door and threatening to break it down if he didn't let them in. It's reported that Olsen opened the door, but officers rushed in and beat him severely.

After he had been arrested and charged, the woman admitted she hadn't actually been pushed, but had jumped out of the moving vehicle. The lawsuit also says Olsen stopped his truck after the woman jumped to check on her and see to it that she hadn't been injured. She refused to get back into his vehicle, so he went on home.

The lawsuit alleged false arrest, unlawful entry without a warrant, unlawful search without a warrant and excessive force. Trial was set for November 1, 2012, but the city decided it would be much less costly to settle, paying $250,000 to Olsen than to go to trial where he could win upwards of $650,000.