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5 Dangerous Motorcycle Helmet Myths


While motorcycle helmets may reduce aesthetic appeal for riders, claims that proper helmet use reduces driver safety are dangerous myths. Moreover, Florida law requires motorcycle drivers to wear protective headgear that’s securely fashioned. This article addresses some motorcycle myths that, if taken seriously, have the potential of endangering your safety.

MYTH 1: Helmets Limit Vision

Although Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant full face helmets restrict the user’s vision to 210 degrees, this gives more than enough space for peripheral vision. Human peripheral vision is limited to approximately 180 degrees. Furthermore, the visor protects the user’s face from high-speed debris such as bugs, rocks, and weather-related elements.

MYTH 2: Helmets Impair Hearing

According to this myth, motorcycle helmets prevent users from hearing surrounding traffic. While in fact, a full-face motorcycle helmet can filter out wind-noise from important traffic-noise.

MYTH 3: Helmets Cause Neck Injuries

This myth focuses on the notion that the helmet’s weight and size increase the likelihood of neck injury in situations that would only lead to a minor injury if the helmet had not been worn. However, DOT-compliant helmets are designed to absorb impact to prevent major neck injuries.

MYTH 4: Helmets Are Ineffective in Major Accidents

While it may be true that no reasonable protective measures would prevent injury in extremely severe accidents, this myth falsely equates the failure to neutralize unavoidable harm in worst-case scenarios with the inability to prevent injury in most situations. This argument also diminishes the fact that a helmet mitigates or prevents serious injury in more common motorcycle accidents. Overwhelming research supports the fact that motorcycle helmets reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious injury, often saving the user’s life.

MYTH 5: Helmets Provide a False Sense of Security

This myth argues that helmets encourage motorcycles to engage in riskier maneuvers, or causes surrounding cars to pass dangerously close to motorcyclists with helmets. However, hard evidence does not support a correlation between helmet use and risk-perception. Given that many accidents involve impaired attention or vigilance due to fatigue, intoxication, or personal ignorance regarding standard safety protocol, eliminating helmet use would have little bearing on the risks attributed to widespread driving hazards.

Ask an Experienced Daytona Beach Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcycle drivers are naturally more at risk of serious injury than car drivers. As a result, getting the facts straight about helmet use is essential to safe driving practices. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should consult a serious Daytona Beach motorcycle injury attorney to discuss your rights. At Politis & Matovina, P.A., we offer compassionate and effective representation for our clients, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

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