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Investigators Search for Cause of I-75 Crash

Investigators Search for Cause of I-75 Crash

Investigators are searching for the cause of the major accident that occurred on Interstate 75 in Gainesville, Florida.

In late January, the I-75 was covered in extremely dense fog. There was also a brushfire near the highway. The fire caused smoke to flood over the roadway, thereby exacerbating the effects of the fog.

Bert Thomas, who was involved in the accident, said, "as we were coming through the prairie, it went from crystal clear visibility to nothing in 50 feet."

Because of the extremely low visibility, there was a cascade of crashes on the highway resulting in 10 deaths and 18 hospitalizations. At least 19 vehicles crashed. 7 of those were tractor-trailers.

When emergency personnel arrived they couldn't see anything. They located crash victims by listening for the sound of people screaming and moaning.

An Alachua County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said, "it was a very traumatic situation and frightening situation to be out there on I-75. Hearing crashes, hearing explosions, hearing people scream."

The interstate was shut down for a time after the accident.

It's not yet clear how the crash started. The National Transportation Safety Board has begun looking into the matter. There are concerns that the brushfire was intentionally set.