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Am I Required to Report My Crash?

Am I Required to Report My Crash?

There may be many reasons someone wouldn’t want to report their car crash. However, Florida requires certain collisions to be reported to the appropriate authorities. Read on to learn about these requirements.

Florida Requirements for Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents

Under Florida Statute 316.065, there are several circumstances in which a crash report must be filed by law enforcement. These include:

  • Crashes resulting in injury or death
  • Hit-and-run crashes
  • Crashes caused by a driver who was under the influence
  • When a wrecker must be called to remove a vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Crashes resulting in property damage of $500 or greater.

How to Report Your Crash

If law enforcement was not at the scene of the accident and the crash fits the above criteria, the involved drivers must submit a report by mail or online. To report the crash by mail, they will need to complete a Driver Report of a Traffic Crash form and send it to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or the police agency where the accident occurred. This address is available on the department's website. Those who wish to self-report online must still complete a Driver Report of a Traffic Crash form and email it to

Consequences of Not Reporting a Crash in Florida

Although those involved will not face criminal penalties for failing to report their crash, they may be subject to a fine and points against their driving record. Regardless of the possible penalties, drivers should be diligent in reporting their serious accidents, especially those resulting in injuries or death. Not having a crash report on file may negatively impact the ability to pursue a personal injury claim in the future.

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