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Dangerous Behavior by Uber/Lyft Drivers Creates Chaos at Florida Airport

Airport taxi. Passenger is waiting for taxi car

The Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. During the holiday season, it is especially congested. To make matters worse, rideshare drivers are double parking and camping out, causing the traffic flow around the airport to be unbearable for many travelers.

As if that is not enough, a Fox 35 video shows disagreements over traffic and parking escalating to full-on screaming matches in rideshare pickup spots. Airport records reflect up to “3000+ pages” of complaints about the area filed in the last year alone. In just one month, nearly 19 people reported overcrowding and illegal parking in the rideshare lot.

A Recipe for Disaster

Reporters are calling the situation a “recipe for disaster,” and they’re not wrong. High-traffic areas are already more vulnerable to car accidents, and the behavior demonstrated by Uber and Lyft drivers is not conducive to safety.

What Can You Do?

If you have visitors coming into the Orlando International Airport this holiday season, you may want to plan on picking them up.

Even Uber drivers don’t want anything to do with the chaos at the airport, as driver Ernesto Arzeno explains:

Because of everything going on at the airport-, I don’t want to see it anymore. I don’t want to be a part of it. It’s stress that I don’t need.”

If you or your loved ones must take an Uber or Lyft from Orlando International, airport officials recommend waiting until you are on the curb with all your belongings to hail a rideshare service.

Still, the situation at the airport is dangerous for all travelers. If you are harmed in an Uber or Lyft accident while at the airport, know that our team at Politis & Matovina, P.A. is here for you.

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While we hope your travels go off without a hitch, we are dedicated to your recovery should anything go wrong.

Stay safe out there and happy holidays from all of our attorneys at Politis & Matovina, P.A.