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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrian Safety Tips

*Updated 12/30/2019

Walking through a new, unfamiliar city can awaken the explorer in you, which can be thrilling, but also potentially dangerous. Pedestrian accident injuries and fatalities continue to rise dramatically for a number of reasons, not the least of which is pedestrian inattention. In Daytona Beach crowds of tourists flood the streets during the summer months, sometimes distracting pedestrians and drivers alike. Our town welcomes tourism, but pedestrian safety becomes a big concern when so many people take to the walkways and sidewalks.

While both drivers and pedestrians share the responsibility for ensuring pedestrian safety, it’s important to know and adhere to some best safety practices. Here are seven tips that can help pedestrians avoid these accidents and stay safe when walking near roads.

Wear Bright Colors
Drivers often struggle to see pedestrians during any time of day, but at night time visibility becomes especially poor. Pedestrians who blend in with the side of the road or gather in poorly-lit areas often put themselves in a dangerous position, making it hard for drivers to spot them. To avoid this hazard, wear something conspicuous when walking along the road so drivers have plenty of time to see you, or stick to lit walkways.

Don’t Cross Where You Can’t Be Seen
Most of us were taught from an early age to avoid stepping out onto the street from between parked cars or other large obstructions because they won’t be able to see us. This holds exceedingly true in other situations as well. Always be sure to cross where drivers can see you. Use designated crosswalks and walkways and constantly be aware of your surroundings.

Use Traffic Signals
Most roads have pedestrian crossings fairly frequently to allow you to cross the road safely. Even when the walkways are crowded and you may be tempted to bypass the tourist crowds by crossing the street in unmarked areas, avoid this danger and stick to the designated pedestrian zones. Use these whenever possible and your chances of being injured in a pedestrian accident will significantly decrease.

Make Eye Contact
Even if you’re at a designated crosswalk and you have the go-ahead signal, always make sure you make eye contact with any drivers looking to cross through it. This ensures they know you are present and waiting to cross. If you don’t, they may not see you before turning or crossing through it.

Don’t Text & Walk
Our society is learning quickly that phone use is distracting for more than just drivers. While much of the nation has already enacted laws to prohibit drivers from texting behind the wheel to reduce crashes, pedestrians practicing the same behavior could still be in danger. News stations have recently reported incidents where pedestrians distracted by their phones accidentally stepped into oncoming traffic, leading to severe injury or even death. Avoid these dangers and focus on your surroundings by putting your phone down until you’ve safely stopped or left the roadside.

Don’t Wear Headphones
Similarly to the texting and walking issue, headphones can be a source of distraction and may lower your sense of awareness of your surroundings. A long walk may seem dull in comparison to the area’s other attractions, but while you’re visiting Daytona Beach try to soak it all in, including the sounds of the hustle and bustle.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption
The dangers of drinking and driving are frequently discussed, but did you know that more than 30% of all alcohol-induced pedestrian accidents occur because of pedestrian intoxication? Alcohol impairs your ability to make good decisions and hampers your reflexes, greatly increasing your chance of a pedestrian-car accident. You may accidentally stumble into the road or misread a crosswalk signal, for example, and a vehicle may not see you until it’s too late. Instead, plan on a designated driver or call a ride share service to take you back to your hotel after a fun night out on the town.

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