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2021 Florida Crash Facts You Should Know

2021 Florida Crash Facts You Should Know

Since 2018, motor vehicle accidents around Florida have been decreasing at drastic rates. As of this year, there has been a 11.8% decrease in overall crashes since 2018. However, roadway traffic has significantly increased in the last year as children have headed back into school and adults into the office. Read on to learn how this has affected the roadway.

Comparing Florida Crash Statistics

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Crash Dashboard, so far in 2021, there have been:

  • 355,997 overall crashes
  • 223,987 injuries
  • 3,181 fatalities
  • 5,646 bicycle crashes
  • 7,639 motorcycle crashes
  • 8,271 pedestrian crashes

Among these accidents, 93,414 were classified as hit and runs. For Volusia County-specific data, there have been:

  • 9,380 crashes
  • 6,643 injuries
  • 122 fatalities

Year-Over-Year Comparison

Perhaps the biggest difference between 2020 and 2021 crashes is that there is a significant skew between which months accounted for the most accidents. In 2020, the lowest number of crashes occurred in April following the governor's executive order to stay at home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Between March and April, there was a 39% decrease in crashes.

In 2021, March had the highest number of crashes, although there was not a significant shift among any months as they were all fairly consistent. However, January and February averaged 5,000 crashes less than other months of the year.

Will Crashes Increase?

Jimmy Patronis, Florida's Chief Financial Officer, explained in an interview that an average of 900 people were moving to Florida every day in 2020. Other reports indicate that this was the most popular state that people were moving to amidst the pandemic. Although we cannot definitively say that crashes will ultimately skyrocket, this can easily lead to increased congestion on the roadways and a higher risk of crashes overall.

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