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How Improperly Loaded Cargo Causes Truck Accidents

stacked cargo getting loaded into large truck

Loading up a big truck full of cargo may seem like a simple job, but there are very strict federal regulations that loaders, drivers, and trucking companies must adhere to when it comes to stacking, securing, and checking cargo. Failure to comply with such guidelines can lead to truck accidents.

What Are the Dangers of Cargo That Is Loaded Improperly?

The people loading up the cargo into the back of a truck must ensure that the weight of the cargo is evenly distributed and all the cargo is properly tied down and secure so the truck stays balanced. If the cargo is able to move around in the back or falls while the truck is rolling down the highway, many dangerous situations can occur, such as:

  • The truck driver may lose control and potentially crash into other vehicles
  • The truck could roll over and crush adjacent vehicles or cause a jackknife accident
  • The truck could tip over and cause the cargo to spill out on the road; depending on the type of cargo, this could lead to road hazards or even dangerous HAZMAT or chemical spills

Who Is Liable for Damages Caused by Improperly Loaded Cargo?

When it comes to truck accidents, it’s important to keep in mind that liability may not always be what it seems at first. For example, while it may seem like the truck driver was the one who drove negligently and caused the accident, improperly loaded cargo may have been the result of negligence by the loader or trucking company.

Ultimately, showing what events took place leading up to the accident and determining what Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations were violated is vital in proving liability and successfully pursuing compensation against any and all negligent parties.

If you or a loved one is injured in a large truck accident caused by improperly loaded cargo, it’s imperative that you speak with a Daytona Beach truck accident attorney who can ensure your rights are protected. With decades of legal experience, our legal team will work to preserve the evidence needed for your case as quickly as possible to get you the results you need.

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