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How Can I Avoid Hydroplaning?


Hydroplaning occurs when the water around your vehicle’s tires builds up so much that the tires cannot maintain traction on the road. As a result, your car’s steering and braking abilities may be hindered, and your car may start to drift to one side. This is a very dangerous condition that could lead to an accident. Our firm offers tips to help you stay safe and avoid hydroplaning during Florida’s heavy rains.

In order to avoid hydroplaning, you should:

  1. Take care of your tires. Worn tire treads will be unable to scatter water while driving in the rain. This means they are particularly susceptible to losing traction and hydroplaning. In general, you should rotate and balance your tires every time you change the oil, which is about every 7,000-10,000 miles. By replacing worn tires and keeping your wheels balanced and aligned, you can decrease your chances of hydroplaning.
  2. Slow down. The faster you go, the less traction your tires will have. In slick conditions, this could prove fatal. It is important to go 5-10 miles per hour under the speed limit, and to avoid making sudden accelerations, brakes, or turns.
  3. Avoid standing water. The deeper the water, the more likely your car is to hydroplane. This is because the water will push its way between your vehicle’s tires and the road. Thus, while driving in the rain, it is important to steer clear of puddles or standing water as much as possible. The middle of the road is typically free of deep water, because the water usually runs off into gutters along the sides.
  4. Avoid using cruise control. Cruise control can put you at risk for an accident, especially when it is raining. The system will think that the water building up around your tires is slowing you down, and it will put out more force. This, in turn, will allow more water to build up and go underneath your tires, causing you to hydroplane. Cruise control can also make it difficult for you to react to dangerous situations in time. Thus, it is best to avoid cruise control and maintain total control of your vehicle while driving in the rain.

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