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Daytona Bike Week Safety Checklist - What to Know to Stay Safe


It is the time of year again that brings hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders, bikers, and similar enthusiasts to the east coast of Florida. That’s right – it’s the 76th Annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach! With so many bikers on the roads – estimates say half a million this year – motorcycle accidents are bound to happen. But 2017 is a little unique in that it is also Spring Break week, so there are also massive crowds of teens, young adults, and university students out celebrating. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to know some useful motorcycle safety tips to stay out of trouble.

Here’s a quick list of basic motorcycle tips each rider should know for Bike Week:

  • Bring your best: Many bikers have not one “steel horse” but an entire stable of them. Bring the ride that you feel is your best, smoothest ride, the one you have the most control over. The last thing you want is something a little rickety or way overpowered when the streets of Volusia County are absolutely packed with motorists, riders, and pedestrians.
  • Gear up: No matter what event is going on around you, it is always the occasion to wear the right protective gear when riding. Keep a properly-fitted helmet on at all times, remember to wear your trusted jacket and jeans, bring gloves for cold night rides, and so on.
  • Check your tires: The worst enemy to a machine that only has two wheels is being suddenly reduced down to just one. Before riding, inspect your tires for wear, tear, and improper inflation. If a tire bursts while you’re riding in a throng of bikers for Bike Week, you might take a spill that causes a domino effect on everyone behind you.
  • Slow down: Be mindful of all the people around you as you ride throughout Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and the surrounding areas. Never go over the speed limit and go under it when there are pedestrians nearby, especially at night when people are more likely to be intoxicated.
  • Passenger etiquette: If you are bringing someone with you for your rides during Bike Week, make certain they know what to do as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. Give them a little training course on how to hold onto your safely, where to put their feet, what to do during sharp turns or on gradients, and more. Don’t forget to quiz them! It could be their mistake that makes you take a tumble.
  • Never drink and ride: Everyone has heard not to drink and drive, but this sound advice is often lost on new motorcyclists. Never get onto your ride when you are not sober. Think about how hard it is to stand up straight or walk when you are tipsy. Now imagine just how dangerous and impossible it will be to maintain balance on your bike. If you indulge in some of the Spring Break fun while also celebrating Bike Week, do everyone a favor, stay off your bike, and call an Uber to get back home or to your hotel. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Legal Help In Case of a Motorcycle Accident

We can give you all the safety tips in the world about how to ride your motorcycle responsibly, but that cannot guarantee you won’t get into a motorcycle accident. Other riders who are not being careful can blindside the best of riders, resulting in serious injuries. If this happens to you, know that Politis & Matovina, P.A. and our Daytona Beach & Port Orange motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help. Some of our attorneys are avid bikers themselves, so you know we will approach your case with total understanding and compassion.

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