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When the Other Driver Won’t Give You Insurance Information

Bad Wreck

You know that when you’ve been in a car accident, you have to share your insurance, identifying, and contact information with all other drivers involved in the crash. You also wouldn’t imagine refusing to share that information for any reason. But not everyone on the road holds the same mindset or behaviors as you. There’s a chance that the other driver won’t share their insurance information with you after being in a wreck. What do you do then?

You should do two things when the other driver won’t give you their insurance information:

  • Call 911: It is illegal to drive without auto insurance. If the other driver is refusing to give you their insurance, then they might not have any insurance information to give you – and they might be planning on fleeing the scene any second if they don’t. You should call 911 in case you already haven’t. Inform the dispatcher that the other driver is refusing to give you their insurance information. The dispatcher can notify the responding officers of the situation, who will then know that they might have a hit-and-run suspect soon. If anyone was hurt or either vehicle was heavily damaged, then the police should be called, anyway.
  • Take photographs immediately: Once you are done speaking with the police, use your smartphone to take plenty of photographs and videos of the scene. Again, the other driver might get in their car and flee at any minute if they are refusing to give you their insurance information. If you wait too long to photograph their car and injuries, then you might not get a chance at all. Also, your photographs could help identify the driver later.

Basically, if the other driver isn’t sharing their insurance information with you, then you have to assume that they don’t have any or want to run away from the scene. Taking fast action can mitigate your troubles.

But don’t take their lack of cooperation as a sign of aggression. Remain patient, calm, and courteous, just as you would in any car accident. By keeping your own actions and emotions under control, you might influence the other driver to eventually share their information or, at the least, stay at the scene of the crash until the police arrive to sort things out.

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