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Daytona Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Helping Injured Workers Recover After an Accident

Workers compensation laws provide financial protection for employees who have been injured in workplace accidents or suffer from repetitive stress conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome. Unfortunately, making a successful workers compensation claim is not always easy, and can require the assistance of an experienced attorney, especially if your if you initial claim for coverage has been denied.

Why Do I Need a Workers' Comp Attorney?

At Politis & Matovina, P.A., we understand the confusion often associated with a workers’ compensation claim or a claim denial. With that in mind, we work to provide helpful advice to victims of workplace accidents or repetitive injuries. Whether you need assistance filing an initial claim for workers compensation benefits, or have previously been denied coverage, we have the knowledge needed to help you understand your options for pursuing financial assistance for your recovery. By hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney you can improve your chances of getting the compensation you need to help you during this difficult time.

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