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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Central Florida’s warm weather and beautiful scenery make the region a popular destination for bikers from all over the country. Unfortunately, the area is also attractive for other tourists, putting countless unfamiliar drivers on the road at any given time. Carelessness and inattentive driving habits are just a few leading causes of motorcycle accidents.

Additional factors leading to motorcycle accidents include:

  • Hazards in the roadway: Potholes, debris, rough pavement, and even puddles can spell disaster for a motorcycle rider traveling at high speeds. Maintaining safe speeds and keeping an eye on the road for such dangers can be very effective in reducing your chances of being involved in a serious accident.
  • Speeding: At high speeds, motorcycle tires can become unstable, leaving the rider fighting for control of their vehicle. Carefully adhering to all posted speed limits and properly maintaining your bike can help you remain safe on the roadway.
  • Inattentive motorists: Many motorists who are unfamiliar with the area in which they are driving are often guilty of inattentive driving. Unfortunately, failure to spot a motorcycle in your blind spot, pulling out in front of motorcyclists and opening a car door into traffic can all lead to serious injury to motorcyclists.
  • Inexperienced riders: All motorcycle riders should complete all necessary training courses and licensing requirements before taking to the open road. Inexperienced riders often lack the skills needed to avoid accidents or recover from even the smallest bumps in the roadway.
  • Weather conditions: Every rider should remain aware of the changing weather conditions while on the roadway. Slippery pavement and limited visibility due to weather conditions can dramatically increase the danger of being involved in an accident.

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