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Avoiding Back to School Injuries

Avoiding Back to School Injuries

When summer ends and it is time to go back to school, many young students across the country are settling back into their regular routines of going to school every day, joining after school activities, and completing all of their necessary work on time. With this stability comes peace of mind to a certain degree, but as with any transition, there is a risk of injury or accident. Many accidents that occur amongst children happen in or around their school, because they are less likely to be constantly supervised the way they are when they’re at home with their parents.

The following are the most common back-to-school injuries, as well as ways to avoid them:

  • Car accidents – The roads are ever so congested when there are drones of students rushing to make it on time, or rushing to get out the minute the bell rings. Children must be extra aware of their road safety when crossing any streets or in general when they are near traffic, as they may not be 100% visible to all drivers.
  • Bus accidents – Many students can’t walk or be dropped off at school, in which case they take the bus and get to enjoy time with their friends before the day starts. However, many children are injured in bus accidents throughout the year. Remind your child to be extra careful entering or exiting the bus, stay seated the entire time while the car is in motion, and always listen to the bus driver’s instructions.
  • Biking injuries – If your child rides his or her bike to school, he or she must be very careful when out and about. Even the more careful of children need to be extremely aware of their surroundings, by signaling every time he or she makes a turn, wearing all proper safety gear, and staying out of the way of cars.
  • Playground accidents – Your child needs to be supervised on the playground at all times. Bumps and bruises are common, but more serious injuries can occur like broken bones, sprains, or serious scrapes. Make sure your child is always careful and if he or she experiences an injury, he or she needs to let an adult know immediately.
  • Pedestrian accidents – Just like car, bus, and bike accidents, your child needs to remain vigilant while crossing the street. Using crosswalks and looking both ways before stepping out into the street can save lives.

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