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Man Dragged Behind Truck Improving in Hospital

Man Dragged Behind Truck Improving in Hospital

An attempt to teach an abusive man a lesson, has led to conspiracy to commit murder charges against three Samsula residents.

Robert Hall, according to his ex-wife Jeanette Morris and his ex-brother-in-law Harold Anderson, abused his wife for the five years they were married. Although divorced, the two were residing in Morris' house, though not living as husband and wife. Morris owed Hall money, and Hall was allowed to stay there until the debt was paid. When the ex-spouses wrote the agreement, no clause addressed whether or not Hall could bring a woman to the home. Hall brought his girlfriend to the home while Morris was working out of state, which angered Morris. This anger, according to sheriff's officials, is what drove Morris, Anderson, and a friend, Joan Hobart, to devise a plan to pay Hall back not only for bringing a woman to his ex-wife's home, but for all the abuse she suffered at his hands while they were married.

The report from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office states that after a few rounds of vodka at Morris' home, Anderson beat hall and then shot him with a stun gun. Hall then was tied by his ankles to Hobart's truck, and the two women dragged the man about half-a-mile on a road. When they stopped the truck, the two women then threw Hall into the back of the pick-up truck, and according to the injured man, the two spoke about scalping and burying him. Hall was able to untie himself and jump from the moving vehicle and run to a neighbor's home to call police.

Hall was admitted to Halifax Health Medical Center Tuesday in critical condition with a broken pelvis, broken facial bones and bleeding on the brain. His condition has been upgraded to “fair.”

Joan Hobart stated she wasn't trying to kill Hall, just teach him a lesson. However, Hall's ex-wife Morris and her brother Harold Anderson, told police that they both wanted Hall dead and gone. The two laughed as they recounted the tale to investigators, with Morris pumping her fists in the air as she related dragging Hall behind the truck.

Unfortunately the suspects' plan to teach Robert Hall a lesson was a costly mistake on their part as all three, Jeanette Morris, Joan Hobart and Harold Anderson, have all been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and false imprisonment, and are being held without bail in the Volusia County Branch Jail, and will more than likely, be spending many years in prison for this crime.