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Truck Driver Killed in Crash With Train

Truck Driver Killed in Crash With Train

Everyone knows when approaching train tracks without flashing lights or crossing-arms, it is necessary to come to a complete stop and look both ways before crossing the tracks. Unfortunately, although we may all know we should follow this law, there are those who will not obey it. Tragically for one motorist, his decision in not following this law was a fatal one.

Florida Highway Patrol reports that a dump truck failed to stop at a railroad crossing and was struck by an Amtrak train. The collision occurred on Thursday around noon at a crossing, which is mainly used for local business access, just south of the downtown area of Orlando

According to FHP officials, in the collision with the train, the dump truck was split in two, the driver was ejected from the truck, and the load of rocks was scattered across a parking lot filled with vehicles.

An operator of a train is required by law to blow the locomotive's horn when approaching these types of intersections as a warning to any approaching traffic. FHP officials report that all evidence indicates the train's operator did obey this law, that he did blow the engine's horn to warn motorists that this Amtrak train was approaching the intersection. Tragically, either the dump truck driver didn't hear the train's horn or he chose to ignore the warning and proceed through the intersection.

Although several of the train's passengers were slightly injured in the collision, the truck driver was the only fatality.

Troopers state that, according to FHP records, this is the second fatal train versus vehicle encounter at this crossing. The investigation into this fatal incident is continuing.