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Teen’s Death Brings Life to Another

Teen’s Death Brings Life to Another

The family of Nay'Twaun Hardy was in no way prepared to lose their 14-year-old boy. But they're finding some peace knowing that another child will live because of his death.

Kamilah Hardy, Nay'Twaun's mother, had never considered organ donation before this terrible tragedy, but she has learned that giving another family hope can help ease some of her own grief.

The Attucks Middle School teen ran across six lanes of traffic on Sheridan Street to a basketball game when he was struck by the car. The driver in the crash has not been charged, though the investigation is still under way.

Sgt. Gene Cochenour spoke to the press and said, “This tragedy has created an unexpected financial burden for the victim's family.” The costs for the funeral are approximately $6,000. The family is accepting donations for the teen's cremation at Clark and Norris Home of Funerals in Dania Beach, according to co-owner Nicholas Norris. There is still no date on the funeral plans.

Memorial Regional Hospital helped the teen's mother understand the importance of organ donation. After she had been told the boy was brain dead, she registered him as an organ donor and they were immediately able to give his heart, kidneys and liver to four separate recipients who were on the list of nearly 115,000 patients.

“Memorial showed me a whole other side of it that made me change my mind,” Hardy said. “If my son can live on in somebody else … it’s a bittersweet thing. You deal with the pain of losing your child. But you get that humbleness and pride, knowing that someone else’s child lived because of your selfless act. It really does help hurt less.”