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George Huguely Sued for Wrongful Death

George Huguely Sued for Wrongful Death

George Huguely was recently named as he defendant in a wrongful death suit.

Huguely was a lacrosse player for the University of Virginia. In February of this year, he was convicted of the murder of Yeardley Love.

Love and Huguely had been dating. On May 3, 2010, Love's roommate called 911 and reported that Love had overdosed on alcohol. Investigators arrived and noticed indications of physical abuse. Love died. Investigators believed that she had suffered brain stem injuries as a result of her head being violently whipped around. They also believed that she had survived for about 2 hours after sustaining the injuries.

Huguely, was eventually arrested for the crime. He admitted to “wrestling” with Love and to hitting her head against the wall during a dispute. He claimed that she was unconscious when he left.

Early this year, following a 2 week trial, Huguely was convicted of second degree murder and grand larceny. Jurors recommended that he serve 26 years in prison. His sentencing hearing has been set for August 30.

Armed with the guilty verdict, Love's mother has now filed a civil suit against Huguely asserting a wrongful death claim. Her complaint indicates that she is seeking damages of $29,450 in compensatory damages, $1 million in punitive damages, interest, and wrongful death attorney fees.