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Florida Pedestrians at Risk

Florida Pedestrians at Risk

Florida is aptly named the Sunshine State. Weather is beautiful and being outdoors is one of the things that make our beautiful state appealing to so many residents and visitors. But walking along all the scenic paths and shopping spaces also puts people at risk of injury or death.

Pedestrian related accident statistics show FL to have four of the most dangerous metropolitan walking spaces in the top 10 nationwide. In 2008, federal statistics stated that 11.1% of pedestrians and 17.4% of bicyclists killed in the US that year died in the Sunshine State. There's also a large portion of elderly pedestrian fatalities, although their numbers don't exceed the National Average of 17%. Federal data shows that the state has been in the top 3 for pedestrian fatalities since 2001.

Why Florida? What is it that makes this state so dangerous in comparison to places like Long Island or DC? The debate rages on. Some believe it is caused by the behavior driver while others believe it to be the fault of the pedestrians and cyclists. There's another part of the debate that focuses blame on the inherent flaws in the way the roads are designed. Some also argue that there's not enough focus on the safety necessary to run, walk, and bike responsibly.

There's a great deal of focus on drunk driving, seat belts, and child-safety seats, but not much in the way of pedestrian and bicycle safety - either on the part of the drivers or the walkers/cyclists.

Whatever the case may be, the population growth in FL has exploded in the last 50 years and its popularity as a prime vacation spot adds to those numbers annually. Our Daytona Beach pedestrian accident lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of personal injury and pedestrian accident law.