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Lieutenant Governor in Accident Without Seat Belt

Lieutenant Governor in Accident Without Seat Belt

Massachusetts' Lieutenant Governor, Timothy Murray narrowly avoided being killed in a high speed crash when he wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Police believe that Murray had fallen asleep behind the wheel and was not wearing a seat belt. Officers found that he was not intoxicated.

According to a traffic safety expert's analysis of data recovered from Murray's vehicle computer, however, he was driving his car when it hit black ice on a rock ledge and flipped over. The car's black box indicated that Murray attempted two steering corrections as the vehicle was careening out of control. It also indicated that the vehicle increased speed quite rapidly despite the fact that he was not pressing the accelerator. At the time of the accident it was traveling at 108 miles per hour.

Murray told the press that he was awake, wearing his seat belt, and was driving at safe speeds. He later stated that police may have been correct and that he may have fallen asleep. Reconstruction experts have come to different conclusions as to whether or not he was awake at the time of the accident.

Although the car was totaled, Murray was not seriously hurt. He did, however, receive a $555 citation.

This incident serves as a reminder that anyone can be the victim of an accident and that even if you did everything right, the police or reconstruction experts can dispute what really happened during the accident. That's part of why it's so important that you contact an attorney immediately after an accident.