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Lee County Teen Injured in SUV Collision

Lee County Teen Injured in SUV Collision

A Lee County teenager was injured while trying to catch a bus. Giovany Richard was running alongside the road and didn't see the on-coming traffic. The driver, Jose Herrera Torres didn't see Richard, who was in all black until the last moment. He swerved to avoid Richard, but was unsuccessful. The teen collided with the front end of the SUV.

Both the victim and driver were cited in this accident. Richard was cited for failure to yield to the car's right away and Torres was cited for driving without a license.

Residents of the neighborhood remarked that they were not surprised there was an accident. They note the area is not well lit when children and teens are walking to school in the early hours of the morning, when it's still dark out.

Richard was taken to the hospital in serious condition, his family reported he had a broken leg.