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Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

Beat-downs, bruises, a date with a minor and accusations of driving under the influence, all in days work, right? For this 26 year old Florida man he found himself in this exact chaotic situation and probably wished he had planned his day a little better.

Misael Ochoa-Garcia, found himself behind the wheel of a red SUV, that nearly killed four people, all under the age of 19. The incident took place on an otherwise normal Monday, the four teens were hanging out in a Fort Richey neighborhood when they saw the SUV speeding towards them, unable to dodge the red bullet, all four were hit, along with a fence and another car.

Witnesses that saw the unsightly crash described it as “…heartbreaking, that it could bring tears or goosebumps to anybody that seen it.” The Mother of one of the teens injured, Tina Smith, ran to the aid of her Child. She claimed “He was a hectic mess. He was bleeding everywhere. All I seen was blood and him crying, that was crushing.” Although the victims suffered from broken limbs, surgeries and other ailments, no one was fatally injured.

The year prior Ochoa was arrested for a DUI and when he was questioned by Investigators, he told them that he was running from a group of Men that were beating him up. Two suspects were arrested for battery, Brian Sisk and Bobby Wills. They claimed that Ochoa received the fists of a thousand furies for trying to get a date with a fourteen year old girl in that area.