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Sheriff’s Deputy Hit By Pickup Driver

Sheriff’s Deputy Hit By Pickup Driver

A man from Largo, Florida hit a Sheriff's deputy while the deputy was directing traffic at a crash site.

28-year-old, Randal Weinberg, was driving a pickup truck and traveling southbound at around 7 in the morning. He came to the 12500 block of Seminole Boulevard in Largo. There had been a vehicle crash in the northbound lanes.

48-year-old, Richard Heaton, a Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy, was at the scene directing traffic. Although he was not on duty at the time, he decided to help the Florida Highway Patrol get the situation under control.

As Weinberg drove his pickup through the intersection, Deputy Heaton stepped into the southbound lane. The mirror on Weinberg's truck hit Heaton. Police believe that Weinberg had no intention of hitting the deputy. After the collision, he immediately pulled his pickup to the side of the road.

Heaton was taken to Largo Medical Center and treated for minor injuries. Officials said he will be fine.

At present no charges have been filed against Weinberg.

Any time that you are the victim of an accident, be sure and contact a qualified Daytona Beach truck accident attorney as soon as possible after the incident. You should also try to preserve as much evidence as possible, including such things as photographs and contact information of witnesses.