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Pregnant Woman and Her Child Killed in Tragic Accident

Pregnant Woman and Her Child Killed in Tragic Accident

While on a trip to Florida with her husband, Alanna Demella and her unborn child were killed in an accident.

Alanna and her husband, Michael Demella, lived in Medford, Massachusetts. Their church held an essay contest wherein the two top contestants received a trip to a conference in Fort Lauderdale. The conference, entitled the Real Marriage Tour, hosted over 3,000 people and was designed to promote stronger marriages. Alanna's essay submission won the contest.

After attending the conference, the couple decided to stay on vacation for an additional day. Alanna went into a bathroom in a poolside cabana at the Riverside Hotel. At that same moment, a driver lost control of her vehicle while negotiating a curve in an adjacent street. The vehicle hit the curb, crashed through a fence, and careened into the cabana.

Alanna was killed instantly. At the time of the accident she was pregnant. Her unborn child was also killed.

Her husband, Michael, and the driver of the vehicle were taken to Broward General Medical Center and treated for minor injuries.

The couple's pastor, Michael Davis, told the press, "if you asked her what she was most excited about in life, it was to be a mom and to experience that with Michael."

Police have not yet announced whether they plan to charge the driver.